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    Add and Use Custom Handlebars Helpers

    The SCA templating engine is powered by Handlebars. We've talked before about its features: how it is meant to be simple and logicless. But what you may not know is that it's possible for you to add in your own helpers that can help you format the HTML content. In this article we look at how, and when you might want to.  Read More

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    Add Custom Translation Text

    When running a multi-language site, a key component is offering text translations to shoppers who use the different languages. As a platform, NetSuite offers a number of translations built in, but these only cover backend data and labels, and some frontend ones. Thus, if you do custom frontend work you will need to provide your own translations, as well as ensure the code you write is written in such a way to serve translations.  Read More

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    TIL Thursday: NetSuite Coding Styles Explained

    Have you ever wondered why the reference SuiteCommerce Advanced modules are written the way they are? Within in any development team decisions have to be made regarding the style, conventions and standards that the team will adopt for their code. When I first started learning the SCA code, I had some questions and so I caught up with Sebastian Gurin, Senior Software Engineer at NetSuite, who is part of the team that chose the coding styles used in the SuiteCommerce Advanced code.  Read More