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Announcement: Aconcagua Release 2

We are pleased to announce an update to Aconcagua: R2.

Please read the release notes for detailed information about the contents of the release.

If you are currently developing on the original release of Aconcagua, we strongly recommend migrating it to this release.

This version contains two groups of enhancements:

  1. A number of bug fixes
  2. The introduction of a layout component to the extensibility API

There are a number of significant fixes that I won't go into because they are documented in the above link. However, the importance of the layout component is worth looking at.

We understand that there are sections of SuiteCommerce sites that do not currently have components — while we do not currently have a component for the customer account area of the site, nor the header or footer, etc, we may add one in the future. In the meantime, you can make use of the layout component.

While the methods made available by this component are generic, they should allow you to make changes to these areas using the extensibility API — when components for these areas become available, you can then migrate them across.

Before updating your bundles, please read the advisory note on the release notes page.