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Announcement: Changes to How NetSuite Serves SuiteCommerce Developer Resources

Last year, Oracle announced the retirement of the LightCMS platform, which is home to the commerce developer portal. Consequently, we must find a new home where that content will live. But this change ushers in some exciting changes to how NetSuite serves resources to SuiteCommerce developers.

At this time, we can’t provide further details about the new platform for the SuiteCommerce developer blog, but it will likely retain the sub-domain.

The commerce developer portal has always been unique in the sense that it served a subset of NetSuite technical documentation, that is, commerce-related technical documentation that is also available in the Help Center and in SuiteAnswers.

After the portal is migrated to its new home, any documentation available in the Help Center or SuiteAnswers will not be included in the developer portal. This will reduce duplicate content and help ensure that all content on the new developer portal will be unique and specialized for NetSuite Commerce developers.

With the removal of help articles, any existing links, such as saved bookmarks, will return a 404 document not found error. For your reference, these links include anything that follow these patterns:


Please find their equivalents in SuiteAnswers and update any bookmarks or links you may have.

All Non-Documentation Content Will Be Audited and Migrated (If Appropriate)

An audit of the blog content has revealed outdated content and content that duplicates documentation or other blog posts. As part of migration, duplicate content will be removed, and outdated content updated. The goal is to provide a curated experience that ensures the content you find on the developer portal is fresh and lean.

As with the documentation, a knock-on effect of this is that many URLs for existing blog posts will also break. It is unlikely redirects will be set up, as mapping old content to new content would probably be an infeasible task. A lot of content will be going away and there wouldn't necessarily be perfect replacements. It doesn't seem appropriate to take a user's requested URL and then redirect them to something which only partially covers what they wanted (or is in some other way substantially different to what they expected).

If this affects you, I can only apologize in advance for any broken links you encounter.

What Happens Next?

Over the coming months, I will continue to work behind the scenes to prepare the new home for the developer portal. Documentation that will not be available on the new developer portal will be marked with a short note that after the migration; the content will be available in the Help Center and SuiteAnswers.

The hard deadline for the migration is the end of May 2020, which is when LightCMS is shutting down. However, everything should be in place well in advance of that. And, as has always been the case, help topics are available in the Help Center and SuiteAnswers. If you have links to documentation that you regularly rely on, you should update your bookmarks to point to their equivalents as soon as possible.