Announcement: New Training Course for SCA Developers

Documentation and articles can only do so much and sometimes having exclusive time with an expert is what you need. As you may know, one of the many services we offer is training. With that we're pleased to announce an updated SuiteCommerce Advanced training course for developers.

The course comes in two flavors: for those who prefer self-paced learning, you can sign up now and view recordings online; if you prefer the live feeling, you can join Bruce Tanenholtz in a small online classroom. If you're interested in the latter, note that the course runs for five days and is only available at the following dates:

  1. April 25-29
  2. June 20-24

This is an upgrade to our previous SCA developer offering that takes advantage of the new architecture and developer tools that came out in September 2015.

It's been re-written from the ground up and includes everything pertinent to the latest versions of SCA. Some of the features of the course include:

  • 110+ student exercises
  • 30 course modules, more than typical for a 5-day course
  • Each topic in the student workbook comes with in-depth explanatory information. This is an invaluable takeaway for students after a live or self-study class has been completed
  • Solution code for all exercises stored in the course demo account

In terms of course content we include:

  • Foundational NetSuite information (data model, business workflows applicable to the web store, SCA Denali and Mont Blanc architecture)
  • Backend development (SuiteScript APIs, Commerce API, SuiteScript Services, SSPs, backend models, bootstrapping data)
  • Backend performance tips
  • Frontend development (Backbone framework, Handlebars templates, composite views, Sass, language translation)
  • Working with item records (Item Search API, item record setup, product images, facets, exposing custom item fields to UI)
  • Additional topics (exposing custom customer fields to UI, Site Management Tools, CDN, SEO, support for upgrades and multi-site)

For more information, see the course information on our website.

At SuiteWorld 2016, Bruce will be hosting three breakout sessions, including a workshop on troubleshooting and debugging SCA (DEV1691, DEV1582 and ITA1927).