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Announcement: New Training Modules Covering the Foundations of SuiteCommerce Development

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced five new training modules to the learning portal that will help you get started developing on SuiteCommerce.

The five modules cover topics such as:

  1. Using the website setup record to enable features that suit your industry and business settings
  2. Modifying out-of-the-box functionality with the site configuration record
  3. Preparing to create your own code-based customizations with the developer tools
  4. Writing a simple extension
  5. Making a small design change to your theme

These training courses are aimed at developers who are brand new to SuiteCommerce. We have gone in-depth on these five areas so that we can lay a foundation of best practices for getting started. We want to emphasize how much can be done with SuiteCommerce and modern versions of SuiteCommerce Advanced without having to dig deep into the guts of the bundles.

Do note that if you already have experience with developing on SuiteCommerce, this set of modules may not be appropriate for you. However, if you are new to developing on NetSuite and SuiteCommerce, we recommend taking the following courses:

  • NetSuite: Administrator Fundamentals
  • SuiteCommerce: Web Store Administration
  • SuiteCommerce: Web Site Setup
  • SuiteCommerce: Configuration
  • SuiteCommerce: Developer Tools
  • SuiteCommerce: Getting Started with Themes
  • SuiteCommerce: Getting Started with Extensions

The new courses feature a fully curated experience with hands-on exercises. It is accessible to all customers and partners so long as you have the LCS Pass.

Advanced Courses

These new courses cover the fundamentals of developing on a SuiteCommerce site, so you may be asking what the situation is for advanced developers.

I should begin by saying that while we have added these new courses, we have also removed the old course for SuiteCommerce Advanced. Following an evaluation of the Developing Web Stores: SuiteCommece Advanced for Developers course, and feedback from our customers, we found that it would not be feasible to update it as it is, and that it did not make sense to keep it in course catalog.

There may be still some good course content in it, but, quite frankly, it is just so out of date. It covers customization techniques that are no longer best practice, code modules that don't exist, and, in many cases, there have been updates that would lead to new developers making mistakes or hitting blockers when they tried to translate their learning onto a live site. It doesn't even mention the commerce extension framework — which we consider crucial.

We thought about trying to update parts of it but the scale of change would be so significant that we didn't think it would work. In order to prevent dissatisfying developers taking the course — and potentially teaching them bad practices — we made the decision to pull the course, so that is no longer able to be taken.

We understand that this will leave a gap in the levels of training we are providing for SuiteCommerce Advanced and other advanced commerce customization topics. For example, the new training modules only cover the basics of Backbone but we know that there are plenty of topics and nuances required to truly understand how to use it.

However, with the advent of extensions, themes, configuration records, the site management tools, and the extensibility API, it is now easier than ever to make customizations to a web store without diving too deep into the complexities of site code. We would like to take this opportunity to remind developers of these avenues for customization, and encourage their (proper) use whenever possible.

We hope to provide training modules for more advanced topics — including those typically only encountered by those developing on SuiteCommerce Advanced — but, right now, we can't commit to a schedule or specific content items. In the meantime, the resources available to developers through the Help Center, SuiteAnswers, and this developer blog have grown a lot more comprehensive since we first launched SuiteCommerce Advanced, and we think they will be sufficient until it can be distilled into training modules.

If you want to take the training, search for "SuiteCommerce" in the learning portal. Don't forget to take a look at our training website for more information on NetSuite training.

Thanks to Kevin Bautista, the curriculum developer who worked with me to produce the new course content.