Announcement: Denali Release 2

We're pleased to announce an update to the SuiteCommerce Advanced bundle! You can read the official release notes for more detail.

The first of many updates for SuiteCommerce Advanced is now ready. Dubbed Denali Release 2, it includes a couple of new features and one important bug fix, which was affecting a small number of developers during the deploy process. In order to find out more, I caught up with Mariano Ferrario who is Director of Ecommerce Solutions at NetSuite.

Why is this called Denali Release 2, rather than give it a new name?

This release is much smaller than other releases because we wanted to get a few key changes to our customers as soon as possible. As such, we consider this more of an update to the existing release rather than a separate one.

So tell me about one of these key changes.

We've integrated the site management tools that were built on the platform into the SuiteCommerce Advanced product. These tools let you manage content, add landing pages and enhance existing pages on your SCA site. We've written up an overview as well as instructions on how to use the functionality on the developer portal.

That sounds good. I like the idea that it's now a lot easier to design and develop landing pages: perfect for seasonal sales events. I hear that this update also includes a Bronto integration?

Since NetSuite acquired Bronto we've been working to get SCA integrated with their functionality. This update is the first step towards that and we're pleased to say that our customers can now use the Bronto Marketing Platform to help deliver timely, relevant, data-driven data marketing to fuel engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

This means that you can now, for example, use Bronto to:

  • Recover abandoned carts by sending customized messages to yours customers.
  • Edit, manage and distribute unique coupon codes via email or SMS.
  • Create, test and manage signup pop-ups.

But I just want to add that Bronto is an additional product that you'll need to sign up with Bronto to use – this change adds the integration into SCA.

What's the bug that was fixed with deployment?

It was a bug that was affecting a small number of developers who were trying to push their changes live. You'll know if you were affected if you saw an SSS_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error when deploying to NetSuite. What was happening is that in some instances the transfer was taking longer than the maximum allowed time, and so the connection was being severed.

To fix this we changed the way your computer talks to NetSuite. Instead of a Suitelet, we now use SuiteTalk.

How to Upgrade

Remember that the bundles associated with SCA are not managed so you'll have to perform the upgrade yourself. So, once you've read the release notes and you're ready to upgrade, we recommend following our instructions in Migrating to New Releases. However, I've included some notes below to help you.

Step 0: Before You Upgrade

It's important to note that upgrading your bundle will wipe your site's customizations. Therefore, if you want to keep your site operating and taking in sales, you can deploy your site to a new, manually created SSP application. Naturally, you will need to change your site's settings so that traffic is directed to that site.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you have a backup copy of all your site's customizations saved on your computer before you start. If you don't have local version control, then the simplest method is to zip up your working directory. Whatever you do, make sure you have a copy in case things go wrong.

Step 1: Update Existing Bundle

The first part of the upgrade process requires you to update the bundle on your site. Log in to the NetSuite control panel and head to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List. In the list for your installed bundles, you should see the bundle for SuiteCommerce Advanced Denali. Hover on the icon to the left of it and select Update Bundle. On the Preview Bundle Update page, click the Update Bundle button and then OK. The NetSuite system will then update the bundle – this'll probably take a few minutes.

What the update process is doing is replacing all the code associated with your site. This means that when the upgrade process has finished, your site will look like the reference site that is provided in the bundle.

Step 2: Download Updated Source Code

You did this the first time you installed the bundle but now you need to go to the file cabinet (Documents > Files > File Cabinet) and get the source files again. They are located in Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - SCA Denali > Source > _Sources in the form of a zip file called SuiteCommerce Advanced When the file has downloaded, unzip it to a new working directory (creating a fresh one will create a clean separation between old and new code/processes).

Step 3: Migrate Customizations Into New Bundle

Right, so the final step after getting the new code is to migrate your customizations over to the new source code. The first part of this is to go to the directory containing your customizations and put it into the same place in the new source code. Then you need to update your distro.json file to register all the modules and customizations that are specific to your site. We recommend referring to your site's old distro.json file, but note that you must not simply copy and paste your old distro.json file into your new working directory. This is because we have added and updated some lines to the core file and you'll overwrite our changes and your site may not work as intended. So be careful when you add your customizations in.

After that, you just need to rebuild the distribution and deploy it to your local server to test it. When you're happy with the test then you can deploy it up the NetSuite file cabinet.


Remember that when you create a new folder for your SCA code, you'll probably need to reinstall Node and Gulp in that folder. Delete your node_modules folder and refer to Set Up Your Development Environment for information.


This is the first update we've made to the SuiteCommerce Advanced product and we're just getting started. Stay tuned for further updates!

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