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    Extension Spotlight: Infinite Scroll

    In the second of the extension spotlight series, we turn our attention to the infinite scroll extension, which changes the behavior of product list pages. This extension replaces the manual pagination with automatic loading of additional items when a shopper scrolls near the end of the current list.  Read More

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    Best Practices: Choosing the Best Way to Add Savings Amounts for Quantity Pricing

    What's the best way to implement new functionality when you're presented with different options? That's the question I asked myself when I responded to a customer who asked how to add the savings amount and percentage to the PDPs of items with quantity pricing.  Read More

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    Extension Spotlight: Grid Order

    SuiteCommerce extensions are a key way for us to deliver new features. As developers, you can use them to save yourself time by letting us do the hard work – but you can also use them as a learning experience. The grid order extension adds a new user interface to the product detail page, as well as new learning opportunities for developers.  Read More

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    Add Custom Entity Field Data to the Profile Model

    For sites running code older than 2019.1, there is no built-in way to access custom user entity fields. However, there is a simple customization you can make so that they are automatically fetched when the profile model is created.  Read More

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    Develop New Layouts and Page Types

    Page type functionality enables two new key features for content managers: alternative layouts, and new landing page types. In order for them to take advantage of this, developers must create them using the commerce extension framework and this blog post shows you how.  Read More

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