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    Change Image Content Depending on Device Type

    Sometimes, suiting the needs of shoppers on mobile and tablet devices means going beyond simply offering a responsive site: it can mean changing the content to suit them. In this blog post, we'll look at how you show different images in the homepage carousel, depending on a shopper's device.  Read More

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    TIL Thursday: the SuiteCommerce Release Process

    If you've ever wanted to know how we deliver upgrades to SuiteCommerce and what schedule we keep, this post is for you! This guest post by Florencia Meilán talks about NetSuite, SuiteCommerce, and extensions.  Read More

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    Use Helper Files, Services and Contextual Rendering in Your Extension

    Through an extension that enables shoppers to download their order history as a CSV, this post looks at some advanced extension development concepts such as helper files, calling service files with XHRs, contextual rendering, and generating and downloading files from NetSuite.  Read More

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    Add Items to the Cart with CSV Files

    B2B sites frequently deal with bulk orders, so why not allow customers to add items to the cart using CSV files? This post looks at how to use the file API, PapaParse, and the cart component of the SuiteCommerce extensibility API.  Read More

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    Learn About the Tools SEO Experts Use

    This week we have a guest blog from SEO expert Bruno Dangelo of Dahseo who wrote a blog post about the tools he uses to work. He'll look at four key areas of his work: performance testing, keyword research, on-page SEO analysis, and backlink analysis. His post was originally in Spanish but he has gracefully agreed to let us post a translation here.  Read More

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