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    Announcement: Denali Release 2

    We're pleased to announce the latest version of our SuiteCommerce Advanced bundle. Dubbed Denali 2, we've released an update to the original Denali release that add some new features, and a bug fix to the deploy process. This post is a heads-up about the release, featuring a conversation with Mariano Ferrario who is Director of Ecommerce at NetSuite.  Read More

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    Developing Your First Custom SuiteCommerce Advanced Module: Part 4

    In the preceding articles we built our module to the point where it is a fully functional form and list where can perform all of the basic API operations. In this article we're going to look at how we can make improvements to the user experience in the form of changes to site design and styling.  Read More

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    Override a Module to Make a Color Change

    While we've covered adding new modules to your site, another customization you can make is overriding an existing module with your own. You may want to do this, for example, if you want to make a global changes to styling, such as to the color scheme.  Read More

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    Developing Your First Custom SuiteCommerce Advanced Module: Part 3

    In the article of this series, we added code that allows us to perform the API operations. In this – the third article – we're going to focus on implementing some aesthetic changes to the module as well as introducing validation, so that the data users submits conforms to acceptable standards. So we now have an application that returns a static object of data to our site. But now we want to interact with the NetSuite application so that we can manipulate data stored on it.  Read More

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    Five Ways to Troubleshoot SCA in the Browser

    For a while now, web browsers have included a number of tools to aid developers who are working on websites. As a developer you'll be aware of what they are but below below are some tips for using your browser's tools to deal with problems that may arise when working on an SCA site.  Read More

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