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    TIL Thursday: NetSuite Coding Styles Explained

    Have you ever wondered why the reference SuiteCommerce Advanced modules are written the way they are? Within in any development team decisions have to be made regarding the style, conventions and standards that the team will adopt for their code. When I first started learning the SCA code, I had some questions and so I caught up with Sebastian Gurin, Senior Software Engineer at NetSuite, who is part of the team that chose the coding styles used in the SuiteCommerce Advanced code.  Read More

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    Add a Custom Web Font

    As part of customizing your site's design, you can choose from an array of styles, color schemes and imagery. But one additional level of customization you can go to is adding your own web font. This article will take you through the simplest and most common method.  Read More

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    Field Set and Facet Performance Tips

    Performance is a key factor in ensuring your shoppers stayed engaged and convert browsing into purchases. One particular cause of a degradation in performance is the data returned in field sets and facets. In order to find out about how to avoid performance problems, I sat down with Pablo Zignani for a chat.  Read More

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    Add a Google Analytics Goal to Track Conversions

    If there's one thing that ecommerce managers love to measure, it's conversion rate — figuring out what percentage of site visitors left the site after buying something. However, there's another metric that is useful: abandonment rate; this is where a shopper has put items in their cart and then left the site before purchasing them. This article will take you through the steps of setting up a goal in Google Analytics, which we can use to track cart abandonment throughout the checkout process.  Read More

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    TIL Thursday: Add Modals to your Forms

    TIL Thursday is a series of articles that illustrates an area of functionality or part of SuiteCommerce Advanced that you may not know about. By the end of it, you should be able to say "Today I learned..." This article will take you through the simple steps of implementing modals on a list page, including the template changes to launch the modals and the code change required to 'refresh' the list when a record is added or changed  Read More

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