URL Parameters for Promotions

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SuiteCommerce Advanced

Several URL parameters for promotions are available. These are query strings that can be passed through the URL to automatically add specific promotions to the user’s shopping cart. URL parameters are useful for tracking marketing campaigns and during e-mail campaigns.

The following Promotions URL parameters are available:

URL Parameter



To add multiple promotion codes, you can specify the promocode parameter in the URL multiple times.

For example, ?promocode=FIFTYPERCENT&promocode=10OFF10.


Specifying promocodeaction=add mimics the default behavior and is not required.

The default behavior is to add any promocodes specified in the URL to the order.


Setting promocodeaction=overwrite causes the promocodes passed to overwrite any existing promocodes previously set in that domain.

Use the overwrite URL parameter to sync promocodes when bridging between domains.

For example: Suppose a shopper has added items to the cart. The shopper then applies promocodes to that order in the checkout domain but then returns to the shopping domain and specifies new promocodes. Setting promocodeaction=overwrite causes the promocodes specified in the shopping domain to overwrite those specified in the checkout domain.