Auto-Apply Promotions API

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SuiteCommerce Advanced | Elbrus | Kilimanjaro | Aconcagua

When the Auto-Apply feature is enabled, the applyPromotionCode(promocode) order method behaves in the following manner:

  • If the promotion code that you are applying delivers a better value to the shopper than the exclusive promotion, the promotion code is accepted and the exclusive promotion is removed.

  • From both manually and automatically applied promotions, the best combination of promotions is computed and applied to a transaction.

When troubleshooting auto-apply promotions, the following fields in the promocode JSON object results can be useful:

  • is_auto_applied: determines if the promotion code is applied manually or automatically.

  • applicability_status: determines if the promotion code is actually applied to the sales order or not.

  • applicability_reason: determines the reason a promotion code was not applied.


You can also determine the auto-apply statuses from NetSuite promotion records. See Viewing the Status of Applied Promotions.