Troubleshoot Domain Setup Errors

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After you have set up a domain, you can view its status on the Set Up Domains page where all your domains are listed. To help you troubleshoot domain setup issues, the Domain Health Status feature conducts health tests and flags any issues related to Domain Deployment, DNS, and Certificate.

You can view a summary of your domain’s health on the Set Up Domains page by means of status icons displayed in the Deployment, DNS, and Certificate columns. If you observe any anomalies in these columns, click View next to the Domain to troubleshoot. The Domain Health Status section displays the cause of the problem.


To actively monitor your domain health, add the Domain Configuration Alert reminder to your reminder portlet. For more information, see the help topic Setting Up Reminders.

The Domain Health Status section could contain the following types of message:

  • Informational – These messages provide information about an ongoing or completed task.

  • Warning – These messages highlight exception conditions that might cause future problems if not resolved.

  • Error – These messages indicate the task was not completed because of a user or system error and requires user action.

There is also information on the actions that can trigger these messages. The issues fall into one of three categories:

The ‘This domain already exists’ error does not fall into any of these categories. This message is displayed when you try to create a domain record that either exists already or has recently been deleted. It can take up to two hours for the DNS record of a deleted domain to be completely removed from all DNS servers. You must wait until the record is completely removed before you can create it again.