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The correct configuration procedure depends on the version of SuiteCommerce Advanced you are implementing.

To configure the a Product List as Save for Later:

  1. Select the domain to configure at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. In the SuiteCommerce Configuration record, navigate to the Shopping tab and the Wishlist subtab.

  3. To create a list as Save for Later, enter 2 for the Type ID. Set the remaining fields as desired. For more information on, see List Templates.

To configure the a Product List as Save for Later (pre-Vinson):

By default, a Save for Later template is defined within the product_lists object in the backend configuration file.

  1. Create a custom module that includes the backend Configuration object as a dependency.


    Do not edit the original Configuration.js source file directly. See Customize and Extend Core SuiteCommerce Advanced Modules for information and best practices on customizing JavaScript.

  2. Modify the description and name parameters as desired.

    The Type ID must be set to 2 for the list to function as a Save for Later list.

    { templateid: '2' , name: 'Saved for Later' , description: 'This is for the cart saved for later items' , scope: { id: '2' , name: 'private' } , type: { id: '2' , name: 'later' } }
  3. Save and deploy to your site.