Commerce Releases and Versioning

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SuiteCommerce Advanced

Both SuiteCommerce (SC) and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) releases follow the same general Commerce Release Schedule, explained below. The main difference between the two products is that SC releases are managed with automated updates, while SCA releases are generally available as unmanaged SuiteApps with unique bundle IDs.

Each release includes a version number using a nomenclature that is based on, but does not completely adhere to, the semantic versioning schema, or SEMVER.

Both of these Commerce offerings provide the following releases, each generally occurring within an annual cycle:

  • Major Release – These releases include significant product enhancements and new features or bug fixes.

  • Minor Releases – These releases generally include bug fixes and periodic updates to core SCA developer tools. The effort to migrate existing customizations is minimal.

An example of an SC or SCA version is 2019.1.1. This nomenclature correlates with SEMVER, with slightly different distinctions, as shown in the following image.