Set the Customer Internal ID

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For a customer to make a purchase from a quote, configure the Internal ID of the Customer Status that will allow the quote to be purchased.

After a customer submits a quote request, any website links to Review or Purchasing pages are disabled. This prevents customers from making a purchase from that quote until the merchant allows it.

In NetSuite, the Estimate record’s Status field lists all available Customer Statuses for the quote. When the merchant manually changes this field to the Customer Status whose Internal ID matches the purchaseReadyStatusId property, all website links to Review or Purchasing pages are enabled. The customer can then make a purchase.


Additionally, the customer must have the correct Customer Center role permissions, a shipping address and method must be defined, the merchant must have a sales rep associated to the quote, and no gift certificates can be associated with the quote in NetSuite.

The Customer Status List (Setup > Sales > Customer Statuses) displays the Customer Statuses configured for your account and their associated Internal IDs. You declare the Internal ID of the Customer Status in your site configuration.


You want your quotes to be available for purchase when they reach the Qualified status.

In NetSuite, you set up your account to include the Qualified Customer Status. You navigate to Setup > Sales > Customer Statuses and see that NetSuite has assigned an Internal ID of 7 for this status. You redefine the purchase_ready_status_id property to 7.

Later, a customer creates a quote on your site. Seven days later, your sales team changes the associated Estimate record’s Status field to Qualified. The purchase_ready_status_id property now matches the Customer Status record’s Internal ID, and the quote is available for purchase. The Review and Place Order button is now enabled, and the customer can continue with the purchase. After the customer places an order, the quote becomes a Sales Order record in NetSuite.


For detailed information on working with sales orders and customizing sales order forms, see the help topic Sales Orders under Order Management.

Follow the correct configuration procedures, depending on the version of SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced you are implementing. For information on configurable properties, regardless of your implementation, see Quotes Subtab.

To configure the Customer Status Internal ID:

  1. Select the domain to configure at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. In the SuiteCommerce Configuration record, navigate to the My Account tab and the Quotes subtab.

  3. Enter the Customer Status Internal ID for the Purchase Ready Status ID.

To configure the Customer Status Internal ID (pre-Vinson):

  1. In NetSuite, navigate to Setup > Sales > Customer Statuses.

  2. Note the Internal ID of the Customer Status you want that will allow customers to make purchases. You will use this Internal ID to configure code later in this procedure.


    The Customer Status List displays the Internal IDs for all Customer Statuses set up in your account. The Customer Status you choose cannot be a closed status. A closed status is one that indicates the customer either already purchased (100% probability) or will not purchase (0% probability). Open Estimate records can only be given open Customer Statuses. See the help topic Customer Statuses for information on adding a Customer Status.

  3. Create a custom module that includes the backend Configuration object as a dependency. See Configure Properties for details.


    Do not edit the original Configuration.js source file directly. See Customize and Extend Core SuiteCommerce Advanced Modules for information and best practices on customizing JavaScript.

  4. Redefine the purchase_ready_status_id property in the custom module. Enter the value of the Customer Status record’s Internal ID as noted above.


    This value must match a valid Internal ID for Customer Status as defined in NetSuite. Leaving this value empty prevents any quote from becoming a purchase. This property has a default value of 12, which is associated with the Purchasing Customer Status.

  5. Save and deploy to your site.