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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


These settings map image-resize values to names as used in the application (Setup > Website > Advanced > Image Resizing). The current sizes used in Commerce web stores are:

  • thumbnail: 175 x 175 (used in the search results)

  • main: 600 x 600 (used as main image in the PDP)

  • tinythumb: 50 x 50 (used as the tiny thumbs in the PDP's image gallery)

  • zoom: 1200 x 1200 (used in the PDP's zoomed image)

  • fullscreen: 1600 x 1600

  • homeslider: 200 x 200

  • homecell: 125 x 125

Each Image Resize property contains the following properties:

  • Size (string) – defines the image size name used in the application.

  • Value (string) – specifies the corresponding value given in the website record (Image Size ID).

More Information: Setting Up Image Resizing



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Advanced> Image Resize

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Configuration file (pre-Vinson)