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These settings configure multiple domains for a website to enable multiple languages or regions.

List of Translations

This array specifies new string translations or updates for existing strings. NetSuite recommends using this method to make small changes to the translated content on your site. If making significant changes to translated content on your site, see The Translation Process for details.

Each translation array contains the following properties:

  • Key (string) – specifies the string being translated.

  • Language (string) – defines the localized string for each locale.

More Information: Localization


extraTranslations.cs_CZ (Czech Republic)
extraTranslations.da_DK (Danish)
extraTranslations.de_DE (German)
extraTranslations.en_US (English – US)
extraTranslations.es_AR (Spanish – Argentina)
extraTranslations.es_ES (Spanish – Spain)
extraTranslations.fr_CA (French – Canada)
extraTranslations.fr_FR (French – France)
extraTranslations.it_IT (Italian)
extraTranslations.ja_JP ()Japanese
extraTranslations.ko_KR (Korean)
extraTranslations.nl_NL (Dutch – Netherlands)
extraTranslations.pt_BR (Portuguese – Brazil)
extraTranslations.ru_RU (Russian)
extraTranslations.sv_SE (Swedish)
extraTranslations.th_TH (Thai)
extraTranslations.tr_TR (Turkish)
extraTranslations.zh_CN (Chinese)
extraTranslations.zh_TW (Chinese – Taiwan)

UI Location

Multi-Domain > Translations

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