Set Quote Expiration

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

After a customer makes a purchase, the quote is considered closed and NetSuite creates a Sales Order record linked to the original Estimate Record. Quotes that have expired cannot become purchases, regardless of the quote’s status. You specify a positive value equal to the number of days you want all quotes to remain valid.


You want your quotes to remain valid for 14 days after the initial RFQ. You configure the days_to_expire property to 14. Any quote created on your site has 14 days to become a purchase after initial submittal. If the customer in this example waits 15 days to make a purchase, the customer will no longer be able to make a purchase from this quote.

Follow the correct configuration procedures, depending on the version of SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced you are implementing. For information on configurable properties, regardless of your implementation, see Quotes Subtab.

To configure the quote’s expiration:

  1. Select the domain to configure at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. In the SuiteCommerce Configuration record, navigate to the My Account tab and the Quotes subtab.

  3. Enter the days until expiration in the Days to Expiration field. A value of 0 results in the value in the sales preference record determinig the quote expiration date.

  4. In the Days Before Expiration Notification field, enter the number of days before a quote expires that you want an expiration notification to display on your website.

To configure the quote’s expiration (pre-Vinson):

All quotes use the same configurable expiration, in days. After this time expires, the quote can no longer become a purchase.

  1. Create a custom module that includes the backend Configuration object as a dependency. See Configure Properties for details.


    Do not edit the original Configuration.js source file directly. See Customize and Extend Core SuiteCommerce Advanced Modules for information and best practices on customizing JavaScript.

  2. Redefine the days_to_expire property in the custom module.