Pass Parameters and HTML

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


This topic applies to the Kilimanjaro release of SCA and earlier. If you are localizing text using an extension, see Localize Text in an Extension.

In addition to passing string literals to the _.translate() function, you can also pass parameters and HTML segments.

Pass Parameters

In the following code, the variable values of $(0) and $(1) are passed 20 and 43 respectively.

_(''Subtotal: ($(0) of $(1))'').translate(20,43)


In the following code, an HREF segment is passed to the translate function so that the translated literal string is followed by the correct URL.

_('Continue Shopping on our $(0)').translate('<a href="/" data-touchpoint="home">' + _('Home Page').translate() + '</a>')


When customizing your applications with new _.translate() functions using parameters and HTML, ensure that your translation vendor does not translate the parameter or HTML code segments, only the literal strings.