Designate a Primary Domain

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Commerce Web Stores


When you designate a Primary Web Site URL, any domain you set up in NetSuite redirects to the domain you marked as the Primary Web Site URL. The domain name marked as the Primary Web Site URL shows on your list of websites as the Primary Domain.

For example, you might set up two shopping domains such as and If you set as the primary domain, then customers who type in the browser are redirected to the same page on the primary domain,

Primary Domain Notes:

  • If you have a Secure Shopping Domain, only the Secure Shopping Domain can be set to Primary.

  • If your site includes a Single Domain setup, only the Single Domain can be set to Primary.

  • If your site includes multiple Single Domains, no domain can be set to Primary.

  • If your site includes at least one secure domain, you cannot set a non-secure domain to Primary.

You can set a domain to be your website’s Primary Web Site URL from the Domains subtab on the Web Site Setup record.


Selecting a Primary Web Site URL is optional for Commerce web stores, but required for Site Builder.

Sticky Domains

In a Commerce web store, if you do not designate a primary domain, then each domain name persists as users navigate around your site. You can modify the shopping experience for users by associating different domains with different SSP applications.

Best Practice for Using Sticky Domains

You can use an SSP application along with multiple shopping domains in one Commerce web store. In this case, you can use the Touch Points subtab to associate an SSP application with a touch point for the site. Next, use the Domains setup to associate a domain with an SSP application.

Touch Points

Touch points defined on a domain override the touch points defined on the Touch Points subtab on the Web Site Setup page. However, touch points must always be defined on the Web Site Setup page as domain-only touch point setup is not supported. For information on using touch points, see Link a Website or Domain to an SSP Application.