Apply Gift Certificates in the Web Store

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


To use a gift certificate on a web store order, the user enters their gift certificate authentication code in the corresponding field on the Payment Method page. A message is displayed to the user indicating whether or not the gift certificate code is valid. Multiple gift certificates can be applied to a single web store order.

Gift certificates are applied in the order that they are entered. Customers cannot change the amount that is applied from each gift certificate.

The Gift Certificate field displays at two points during the checkout process: on the payment information page, and on the order confirmation page. On the last page of checkout, each discount applied to the order displays in the item list.

If there is a remaining balance on the order that is not covered by the gift certificate or by multiple gift certificates, or if the gift certificates have expired, the user is not allowed to submit the order until they enter their credit card information.

If the amount of the gift certificate is greater than the order total, the user is allowed to submit the order, and use the gift certificate code again.

You can view the remaining value on a gift certificate in the list at Lists > Accounting > Gift Certificates.. For more information about gift certificate status, see the help topic Viewing and Editing Gift Certificate Status.

You can also add a Gift Certificate value check page using the SuiteCommerce Gift Certificate Value Check extension where gift certificate recipients can view their balance. For more information, see Gift Certificate Management.