SCIS Configuration

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SuiteCommerce InStore


After you install the SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp, you must configure the application for your business needs. Complete the following tasks to configure SCIS:


Before you begin



Subsidiaries and Locations for SCIS

If you use OneWorld, ensure that Subsidiaries are set up in NetSuite.

Set up at least one location record for use with SCIS.


SCIS Settings

Upload logo image and application background.

Complete required tasks including the following:

  • Define discounts and saved searches available for SCIS.

  • Define printer settings

  • Define the void item and rounding item.

  • Define transaction forms and entry forms for SCIS.

  • Apply branding to your SCIS implementation by selecting your logo image, and background image for the main SCIS screen.


Localizing SCIS

Ensure that you have configured country-specific features in NetSuite. For ore information, read the help topic Overview of Country-Specific Features.

Complete required settings for your locale. Including setting up multiple currencies and currency rounding.


Advanced Receipt Templates for SCIS

Make sure the latest SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp is installed. Also, make sure that the Advanced HTML/PDF Templates feature is enabled.

Set up receipts for printing and email.


Create Payment Methods and payment profiles in NetSuite.

Create payment profiles for SCIS, so you can start accepting payments. Configure payment methods you plan to support in SCIS, and cash denominations.


Configuring Employee Records for SCIS

Enter or import employee records as needed.

Make sure Employee records are set up with the required permissions and roles.


Customer Records and SCIS

Enter or import customer records as needed.

Configure customer groups and set up the form used for entering new customers in SCIS.


Configuring Item Records for SCIS

Enter or import item records as needed.

Prepare for selling products with SCIS.


Configuring Item Images for SCIS

In the process of creating a website, you can choose an item identifier. You can also decide on the format you want to use for image file names.

Upload product image files to the file cabinet.