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SuiteCommerce Advanced


The source files for SuiteCommerce Advanced are organized in multiple modules. Each module defines a specific area of functionality which generally falls in one of the following categories:

  • Application modules: define higher-level collections of features that perform similar types of functions. SuiteCommerce Advanced is composed of three separate applications:

    • Shopping

    • Checkout

    • My Account

  • Framework modules: define the general logic and structure of SuiteCommerce Advanced and define how modules and applications work together. The application modules extend these modules to inherit the basic framework.

  • Feature modules: define specific areas of functionality within SuiteCommerce Advanced. The Case module, for example contains the code and style sheets that implement Case Management feature.

  • Utility modules: provide functionality that is used by multiple modules. The GlobalViews module, for example, defines views that are reused in multiple areas of SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Modules can be edited locally and stored in version control. Developer tools used to compile source files, templates, and style sheets into a deployable application.