Content Tags and Filter Tools

Content tags let you add additional information to the SMT content and landing pages. This information is added to the landing page record and the content record. In the SMT UI, the field is named Tags. The content tags work with the sort and filter tools to help better identify specific landing pages and content.

Let’s say you want to create a new piece of content or a landing page. Previously, in the unpublished changes list the content was labeled according to the type of content. You can give the content one or more content tags. The content tags could include, “banner, fall, special” to add more sorting and filtering ability for your content. Ensure each content tag is separated by a comma.

Now for your upcoming sale you want to use “christmas sale” as a tag for all the content you want related to your upcoming sale. After you have added all your content, use the sort and filter tools on the Unpublished Changes list to ensure your content has the correct visibility dates, tags, or path.


This field lets you save content with one or more descriptive tags. You can then apply bulk actions such as setting visibility dates or updating tags. You can use tags with these different types of contents:

  • Website Content

  • Landing Pages

  • Commerce Categories

Sort and Filter Tools

Sort and Filter tools provide help when you find yourself with a large amount of various types content. This could be one or more landing pages, text and image content, commerce categories or custom HTML content. Click Reset in the dropdown menu to return to the default view at any time. You have different Sort and Filter Tools depending on which menu you are viewing:


You can filter the list by Page Types.

Unpublished Changes

You can filter the list by:

  • Path

  • Tag

  • Last Edited By

You can sort the list by:

  • Ascending

  • Descending

  • Change Type

  • End Date

  • Last Edited

  • Name

  • Path

  • Start Date

Visibility Timeline

You can filter the list by:

  • Path

  • Tag

Published Assets

You can filter the list by:

  • Visibility

    • Future

    • Now

  • Asset Type

    • HTML

    • Image

    • Merchandising Zone

    • Text

    • Other

    • Page

  • Location

    Use Location to search for content based on the URL path.