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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

SuiteCommerce lets you bundle themes and extensions as SuiteApps, making them available for distribution to other NetSuite accounts. Although some steps to bundle a SuiteApp are already documented in the help topics, you need to be aware of some settings and processes specific to bundling SuiteCommerce theme and extensions.

Before You Begin

Before you bundle a SuiteCommerce theme or extension, be aware of the following:

  • These procedures assume that you have created or updated a theme or extension, thoroughly tested it on a local server or on a test domain, and that you have deployed the files to a NetSuite account. Refer to the following help topics for more information on building themes and extensions:

    • Themes – explains how to create themes.

    • Extensions – explains how to create extensions.

  • You must deploy themes and extensions to the NetSuite Account where you are creating the SuiteApp.

  • The SuiteCommerce Extensions Management SuiteApp provides a default installation script. Use this baseline file to create unique installation scripts for each SuiteApp you build.

  • You must use semantic versioning (SemVer) notation when creating a theme or extension. This allows SuiteApps to be updated over time . The developer tools prompt you for this information when you deploy your files. SuiteCommerce themes and extensions require a three-digit notation (Major.Minor.Patch). For more information, see