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Searchandising augments the existing search techniques with additional features to create an enhanced and profitable product search experience. With Searchandising features, you can entice shoppers to purchase certain products and move merchandise.

The Search Synonyms feature lets you define synonyms in NetSuite to ensure that when a shopper searches for a specific word, the search results also include synonyms for that word. For example, you define trousers and pants as synonyms. Any shopper searching for the term pants now gets search results for pants and trousers. The Search Synonyms feature is available to all Commerce web stores and SuiteCommerce InStore customers. For more information, see Search Synonyms.

With the Commerce Search Analytics feature, you can view standard reports showing the top search queries your shoppers used to find products on your website. Because they reveal the exact search queries that your shoppers use, these reports provide valuable insight into the shoppers that visit your website. For more information, see Search Analytics.