SuiteBilling Subscriptions for SuiteCommerce

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SuiteBilling Subscriptions for SuiteCommerce enable Commerce web site users to view and manage their existing SuiteBilling subscriptions. This self-service functionality allows site users to perform many of the subscription management tasks previously handled by company employees.

Website users access their My Subscriptions page by logging in to their account and then clicking Subscriptions.

The My Subscriptions page lets users view basic information about their subscriptions including subscription plan name, activation date, last billing date, next billing date, renewal date, and subscription status. Users can also filter subscription list results by billing account.

See the following sample My Subscriptions page:

My Subscriptions Page

After selecting a subscription on the My Subscriptions page, site users can view additional information about the selected subscription including activation date, last billing date, next billing date, subscription status, cost of the subscription, type of subscription, and quantity. This page also shows any add-on lines associated with the subscription.

See the following sample Subscription Detail page:

Subscription Detail Page

For additional information about what website users can do using this feature, see User Experience.