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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

NetSuite gives you many tools for ensuring that the pages of your site are optimized for search engines. Using these tools and following SEO best practice can help improve your ranking on search result pages.

You can use the tools and techniques listed below to optimize your SuiteCommerce web site for search engines. These tools are available to all SuiteCommerce web sites.

SEO Tools


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  • Image File names

  • Image Alt Text

Access image files from item records in your account to modify the Image Alt Text.

Viewing Images on Item Records with SuiteCommerce

SEO and Images

Content Delivery

Use the Content Delivery SuiteApp to access the page elements listed below.

  • Page Title

  • Meta Description

  • Page Header

  • Addition to <head>

Using Content Delivery

Descriptive URLs for Item Detail Pages

You can customize any URL that points to a product on your site.

Customizing Item URLs for SEO

SuiteCommerce SEO page generator

SuiteCommerce web sites automatically generate full HTML pages that enable search bots to effectively index your web site.

SEO Page Generator

Third-Party Scripts in SSP Files

You can integrate third party services such as analytics, affiliate programs, or tracking code with your SuiteCommerce web site. Use the ns-server-execute flag in your SSP file to reference a script file attached to the SSP application.


If you are customizing a SuiteCommerce site, because of the single page architecture, you cannot reference the script as described above.

For more information about adding a third-party script to a SuiteCommerce website, see Adding a Third-Party Script for Analytics Tracking.

SuiteCommerce Sitemap Generator

The Sitemap Generator spiders your web site and gets links for facets and items.

Sitemap Generator

Robots.txt File

Create a robots.txt file to control which pages on your site are indexed.

SEO and Robots.txt


Learn best practices for testing your site and finding errors using the seodebug URL parameter.

Troubleshooting Your Website