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To start working with SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) you must first log in. Your login steps are different depending on whether or not you work in different locations, and whether or not your store uses advanced cash management. This section includes information about logging in.

Logging In

To access SCIS, launch SCIS for iOS or SCIS for Windows. Then enter your login credentials.

To log in to SuiteCommerce InStore:

  1. Launch the SCIS POS application.

  2. In the Email field, enter your email address.

  3. In the Password field, enter the password provided by your manager or system administrator.


    After six failed login attempts you will be locked out, and you must wait 30 minutes to log in again.

  4. Click Login. If you are only assigned one role, then you are automatically logged in as that role.

  5. If you are assigned multiple roles, the list of available roles is displayed. Click the role you want to use.

  6. Select a Sales Rep. This step is optional depending on your system configuration. For more information, see Selecting a Sales Representative.

Logging in with iOS Touch ID for SCIS

You can log in to SCIS using Touch ID. However, Touch ID must be already configured on the mobile device you are using for point-of-sale. The first time you log in to SCIS, enter your email address and password, and then check the Touch ID Login box. Your login credentials are stored in the device, and then Touch ID capabilities can be used in the future for logging in.

To log in with iOS Touch ID for SCIS:

  1. Start the SCIS for iOS mobile application.

  2. Tap your fingerprint on the Touch ID for SCIS prompt.

  3. If you have multiple roles, you can choose the role to log in. If you only have one role, you are automatically logged in to SCIS.

After entering your login credentials successfully, the SCIS main application page appears. Next, select a printer.

Selecting a Printer

To generate receipts for each transaction, you must select a printer. A local printer is typically configured by the system administrator. You can select the printer you want to use from options displayed in the User Menu.


If your store uses Advanced Cash Management, then you must select a printer when you open a shift. For information, read Opening the Cash Drawer with SCIS.

To select a printer:

  1. Click the User Menu.

  2. Click Select Printer.

  3. Select a printer from the list.

  4. Click Select.

Receipts for all the transactions you submit will be output to that printer.

For more information about choosing a printer when opening a shift, read Opening the Cash Drawer with SCIS.


You only have permission to complete the operations authorized for your role. The system administrator must specifically assign permissions to roles. For example, if your role does not have permission to add a discount or void a line in a transaction, you must request a manager override to complete those operations. For more information, see Manager Override.