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SuiteCommerce InStore


SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) is delivered as a managed SuiteApp (bundle) that you install in your NetSuite account. With a managed SuiteApp, you automatically receive updates for fixes and enhancements without any need to update manually or migrate for future releases.


Before you can install SCIS, contact your NetSuite sales rep or account manager. Ensure that you have access to NetSuite Commerce features such as SuiteCommerce InStore and access to the SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp.

First Installation of SuiteCommerce InStore

For detailed instructions on installing the SuiteApp, read SuiteCommerce InStore Installation.


After installation, you must configure SCIS for your business needs. Configuration steps include defining SCIS Settings, configuring receipt templates, employee records, item records, cash drawer management settings, and SCIS custom records. For more information about configuration, read SCIS Configuration.

Managed Bundle Updates and Phased SCIS Release

After you have installed the SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp in your account, the SuiteApp is updated periodically. SCIS has major releases of new features and enhancements occur twice each year. Efixes can occur every two weeks. Efix releases are typically used to correct issues an to deliver version updates to a set of accounts. Major releases and efixes are delivered directly to your account in managed bundle updates.

For more information, read Managed Bundle Updates of SCIS.

SCIS for iOS and SCIS for Windows

These are the mobile apps that are required on devices running SCIS. For more information about how to install and configure the mobile apps for your account, read SCIS for iOS and SCIS for Windows Mobile Applications.

SCIS on Sandbox

It is recommended that you install and configure SCIS on a sandbox account before using it in production. Testing on sandbox enables you to verify that your business processes work seamlessly before you start taking orders with SCIS in your store.

For more information, read Working with SCIS on Sandbox.

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