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Content is a piece of data that you place in an area on your website. There are five types of content:

Each area can contain multiple pieces of content of the different types. For example, in one area you might place a piece of text content that serves as a header or title to an image or merchandising zone content. The scope of the area where you place the content determines on which pages that content displays. For example, if you place text content in an area with all pages scope, the text displays on any page on the site that includes the same area. If you place content in an area with this page scope, the content displays only on that page.

Content Type Reference

There are several different types of content that you can add to your site. The following table lists these content types and provides a brief description of each. Click the content type to learn more about it.

Content Type


SMT Text Content

Use this content type when you want to add formatted text to your site. This content type works well when you want to add simple text such as headings or larger blocks of text with WYSIWYG formatting and embedded images.


Use the Columns content type to add columns of text with images to your site.


Use the Blog Post and Blog List content types to add a posts and a blog summary to your site.

SMT Image Content Type

This content type is ideal for adding a single image, such as a banner image to your site. In addition to specifying the image, you can also specify a link for the image.

Image Manager

Learn how to use the image manager to add images to text and image content.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery lets you add an album of up to eight images.


Use this content type to add a carousel of images.

Image Text Overlay

Use this content type to add images with overlying text and action buttons.

Merchandising Zone Content

This content type lets you place a merchandising zone on a page and tie that zone to a merchandising rule defined in NetSuite.

SMT HTML Content Type

Use this content type when you want to add HTML or JavaScript code to a page. This supports only code that should be placed between the <body> tags of the page.

Map & Contact

Use this content type to add a third-party map and contact information such as business address and opening hours.