SCIS Roles and Permissions

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SuiteCommerce InStore


Different employees interact with SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) and with NetSuite based on their roles. The following roles are installed in your NetSuite account when you install the SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp:

  • SCIS Clerk – This role is assigned to sales associates. It enables them to enter orders and includes permissions required to access SCIS on an approved device, search for customers and enter transactions.

  • SCIS Support – This role enables employees to configure devices for SCIS. It does not include any permission to enter transactions.

  • SCIS Store Manager – This role allows managers to view Cash Drawer Activity for sales associates at their store location, and close a shift for an employee if needed. This role is only for use with Advanced Cash Drawer Management.

  • SCIS Fallback Auditor – This role allows the user to reconcile SCIS Fallback Transactions. An individual can use this role to log in to NetSuite and edit SCIS Fallback Transaction records to trigger the creation of cash sale transactions in NetSuite. For more information, read SCIS Fallback Transaction Reconciliation.

For more information, read SuiteCommerce InStore Roles.


The SuiteApp installs a basic set of permissions for operations that are typical in retail transactions, such as void lines, or apply discount. The employee using SCIS is required to have the necessary NetSuite permissions to perform these operations. The SCIS Permission custom record is used to manage restricted operations that require authorization. For more information, read Defining Permissions.

Manager Override

To complete restricted operations, a manager (or other employee) with an authorized role must enter an SCIS Access Code to allow the transaction to proceed. A NetSuite Administrator must define authorized roles on SCIS Permission custom records. Also, employees with authorized roles must be granted an SCIS Access Code to authorize restricted operations. To see a list of the operations that are restricted by default, see Operations that Require Authorization.

SCIS Access Code is a field on the Custom subtab on the Employee record. When this field is populated, employees can use the SCIS Access Code to authorize restricted transactions.

SCIS Audit Log

The SCIS Audit Log shows every operation that requires permission. You can use this log to track approvals of restricted operations. For more information, read SCIS Audit Log.