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This section includes information for sales associates using a cash drawer with SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). After logging in to SCIS, the next task for sales associates is to enter the Initial Loan or Open Shift transaction at the beginning of a shift. At the end of the shift, sales associates must enter the End of Day or Close Shift transaction.


The SuiteCommerce InStore mobile app is always required when using SCIS on an iPad, or with the Windows Operating System on a tablet or computer. Using SCIS on a desktop or laptop computer with a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox is not supported.

The cash drawer opens automatically when you complete an order paid in cash. Note that your system administrator may have also configured the cash drawer to open automatically when you complete an order using a payment method other than cash.

When you need to open the cash drawer for any reason other than entering sales transaction, use the Drawer Operations option in the user menu.

Workflows for sales associates are slightly different depending on whether or not Advanced Cash Drawer Management is enabled for SCIS. Read the following topics to learn more about working with the cash drawer: