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This section outlines the process for using the core SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) developer tools. Follow the procedures outlined in this section if:

  • You are developing an SCA site using the Kilimanjaro release or earlier.

  • You are developing an SCA site using the Aconcagua release or later and you are not using extensions to interact with the Extensibility API.


If you are implementing the Aconcagua Release of SCA or later, the best practice is to use themes and extensions to customize your site. However, if your customizations require access to objects not available using the Extensibility API, use the procedures outlined in this section to extend code using custom modules. These tools can be run in parallel with the theme and extension developer tools.

The core SCA developer tools let you customize the application from your local development environment, then deploy your customized application to NetSuite or a local environment for testing. You can also create new features that extend the functionality of existing modules or create your own custom features in SuiteCommerce Advanced.

The SCA developer tools are based on open-source software and are integrated within your existing development environment. These tools enable you to do the following:

  • Store code locally within a version control system.

  • Create and edit code locally in your preferred text editor or IDE.

  • Compile the application locally.

  • Deploy the application to NetSuite or a local server environment for testing. You can also deploy directly to your production or sandbox accounts in NetSuite.

This section assumes that the SCA SuiteApp is installed into your account and that you have already followed the instructions to download and set up Node.js and Gulp.js. If you have not already done so, perform the steps outlined in the following topics:


SuiteApp installation is generally performed by your system or NetSuite administrator. This process installs all of the required application files in NetSuite. It also installs a downloadable zip file containing the source code for SCA.

After the applicable SuiteApp is installed, the source files are available in the file cabinet. You can download this zip file to your local environment.


See The Build Process for more information about how Gulp.js performs these tasks.


To use Gulp.js to deploy source files to NetSuite, you must use either the System Administrator role, the Store Manager role, or a custom role with the following permissions set to Full:

  • Documents and Files

  • Website (External) publisher

  • Web Services