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    Check for Missing Product Images with the Item Search API

    The item search API is a REST API that powers every product-related page on your SuiteCommerce site. However, what novel uses are there for it? This post looks at how we could use it to quickly search for missing item images, including those for matrix color options.   Read More

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    Understand jQuery Promises and Deferred Objects

    Promises are used throughout SCA code to ensure that calls are made asynchronously, users' actions aren't blocked and the code remains easy to read and maintain. If you have a rough idea of how they work, why not look deeper into them and build your understanding.

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    Customize the Loading Icon

    When you're customizing your site, you'll go through the normal things like changing the colors, design, layout, and other things. But there is one ubiquitous thing that you may want to change and not know how: the loading gif.  Read More