Our Checkout experience includes customized login and checkout pages. A web designer or NetSuite partner can use our designs as a base from which to create a unique and innovative eCommerce experience.

The Reference Checkout Flow is by default broken down into four step groups:

The step groups might be organized different or broken down according to which type of flow is configured. We offer three configurations for shipping to a single address and one configuration for Multi Ship-To (shipping to multiple addresses).  All Single Ship-To flows are compatible with the same Multi Ship-To flow.

Default Flow

The Default flow offers a simple process for users to do one thing at a time. 

On the first step, users enter a shipping address or select one from their address book. On the second step users choose a delivery method. On the third step a payment method is selected. Finally, on the review step users can view an overview of the order and correct any errors before clicking "Place Order".

A Confirmation page is always provided at the end of the flow where users can continue shopping or, in the case of registered users, follow the order link. Guest users are offered the opportunity to create an account with minimum effort at this step. If an account is created, the current order data is saved in the users new account.


Billing First

The Billing First flow is a variation of the Default flow.

The modules composing the steps are the same, however in this case the Billing Address is requested first, then the Shipping Address, the Delivery method, the Payment Method and finally a Review page similar to the Review page on the Default flow. A Confirmation page is displayed at the end of this flow as well for the user to review the purchase before placing the order.


One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout is actually a flow too. Based on user research, we discovered that users prefer the possibility to do the checkout task all-in-one, provided that they could review the order before placing it.

In this case shipping address, delivery method and payment method are set up all in one step, followed by a review and confirmation page just as with all other flows.

This option is ideal for sites with many recurring users. Guest shoppers and new users might experience the One Page Checkout as a very long page (they must fill in all of the form fields).


Multi Ship-To

The Multi Ship-To flow follows the basic step order of the Default flow. However, it adds an extra step to assign which products are delivered to each shipping address.

This feature has been optimized to be scalable, specially in B2B cases where users might purchase many items at one time. Also, it has been optimized for recurrent users, so that the Shipping addresses step is only displayed if it is a new or a guest shopper. Otherwise, users can start directly from creating the shipments in the Set Shipments step.

As with all other flows, after setting up the addresses and shipments, choosing delivery methods (for each shipment) and the payment method for the order, users can see the review and confirmation pages.