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Nine Breakout Sessions to Attend at SuiteWorld 2017

SuiteWorld 2017 is just around the corner. If you're among the lucky few who have secured yourselves tickets to the Las Vegas event between April 24-27, then you may already be thinking about what breakout sessions you want to go to. Well, also lucky for you, here I am to pick some great SuiteCommerce-related talks that I think you should attend.

Technical Sessions

If you're a developer, or are otherwise keen to keep track of what's going on with the technology behind SCA, then here's a list of ones that may tickle your fancy.

DEV4085 — Change Your Web Store Look: How to Create Themes for SuiteCommerce Advanced

Theming is something our solution consultants and professional services team think about: how can we speed up the process for making a site look good, and how can we best make that site reflect that brand?

Two of our solution consultants, Milagros Garicoits and Eduardo Souto, are giving a breakout session on the key principles for creating good-looking themes for SuiteCommerce Advanced.

DEV4258 — Using SSP Applications to Create and Deploy Multiple SuiteCommerce Advanced Microsites

Bruce Tanenholtz, the man behind so much of our great training resources, is back at this year's SuiteWorld giving what I think will be a valuable demonstration.

When you buy a license for an SCA site, you may think that is entirely for one site (and, strictly speaking, it is). However, you can use this license to run multiple microsites. These can be used, for example, to run seemingly standalone sites for seasonal sales, branding or simply separate product lines.

To do this, you can multiple SSP applications off of one backend, and Bruce is going to take you through how you can set this up and get started with the development lifecycle.

DEV4297 — Cranking It Up: Web Performance Gains in NetSuite 17.1

Our performance engineers (Mark Sweeting, Jeff Binder and Diego Cardozo) have contributed a fair bit of content to Developers.SuiteCommerce over the years through numerous articles and our revamped performance section. If you're a fan of superfast sites (and you should be) then you'll be glad to know that they'll be giving a talk about new performance gains that can be had in 17.1.

In addition to this, they'll also be sharing their tips for diagnosing and remedying the most common performance problems they encounter.

Non-Technical Sessions

I can't really think of a better title for these talks — while they're non-technical, I still think they are appropriate for technical people because of their nature. There's going to be a lot of useful information in these and I'd certainly consider them worth going to.

MKS4473 — Meet the Newest Addition to Our Ecommerce Family

Big announcement! I can't tell you what it is but it certainly is very cool. Not much for me to say other than join Josh Goodwin and Owen Fayle for their breakout session.

MKS3892 — Content is King if a Digital Marketing Strategy Supports It

So I'm including this because I know a lot of you are keen on Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. This session is close-up look at one of our customers and how they used SEO-driven content, GTM and GA to segment and reach out to its customer base.

Omar Kassam is joined by Ryan Holm of Mystery Ranch, who made these changes to their site.

MKS4446 — The Scent of Success: How Enviroscent Implemented a Subscription Program on Its SuiteCommerce Store

Owen Fayle is back for this session and it's another case study. This time he is sharing the platform with Jeremie Baker of Enviroscent, who implemented a subscription program to their site.

This a non-technical talk but I think they'll likely share some excellent insights into how it works, and why it could be a good fit for some businesses.

MKS4471 — On the Horizon: Ecommerce and Promotions Product Roadmap

OK, I think this is crucial for you guys: we've got two important people who decide what should and is coming up, Julien Bessiere and Carlos Munoa coming in to reveal what's coming up in the roadmap for SuiteCommerce Advanced.

There isn't much more for me to say here: if you want to know about the latest and greatest, this is where you'll find out.

MKS4511 — Introducing SuitePromotions: Intelligent Omnichannel Promotions that Drive Revenue and Loyalty

This is pretty cool new technology that I hope you'll looking forward to: new promotions!

Join Nikolas Markantonis as he goes through the new stuff that's being introduced into the platform, such as stackable promotions, auto-application, and intelligent 'best off' selection. The new SuitePromotions engine looks really good, so I suggest taking a look.

GRC4284 — Getting the Most from NetSuite: How to Best Leverage Account Management, Support, SuiteAnswers and the Help Center

This one is a little outside of the rest of the ones above, but I'm including it just in case. Valerie Steele is the person in charge, ultimately, of the documentation produced for SuiteCommerce and she has a lot of knowledge regarding getting the most out of it and its complementary resources.

She's also joined by Brian Taylor, our VP for security and compliance.


If you haven't already, you can secure your tickets or find out more information by visiting the SuiteWorld site.

If you register by April 7, you can take advantage of the standard ticket price, US$200 cheaper than the late ticket price.