Our principles

Be Simple

  • Less, but better. Focus on essential aspects.
  • Basics are elegant.
  • Every element has a purpose.
  • Our visual style is simple and light weight; a clean space lets people focus on their goals.

Be honest

  • Communicate honestly. 
  • Allow people to complete tasks quickly and freely.
  • Do not interrupt unnecessarily. If you do so, people end up giving less attention to what's important and the quality of the experience suffers.

Be helpful

  • Your product or service is a means to a much bigger goal.
  • Always provide context, never let people get lost.
  • People don’t like to guess. Use clear language so that you don’t lead people down the wrong path.

Be engaging

  • Start from people and work backwards. For us, innovative technology supports good design.
  • Make people feel comfortable, set clear expectations and inspire confidence through design.

Be consistent

  • Time matters. Good performance is positive user experience.
  • Build for trust. Consistency implies reliability and stability, and people want to feel like they’re in good hands. We understand the standards people feel comfortable with.
  • We embrace patterns, believing that usability can be improved when similar things are expressed in similar ways.
  • Be thoughtful even with the smallest details.

Be adaptable

  • Our product is meant to be used. The product should provide value in an efficient way.
  • Be powerful but flexible.