Below are some links to download the SuiteCommerce Performance Checklist.

The purpose of this checklist is to help you build websites that meet the NetSuite Performance Standards by correcting typical performance problems we see when auditing sites. In this document we will cover the most common issues that increase the loading time of a site that can be easily checked within Google Chrome with the embedded developer tools and Akamai Debug headers Chrome plugin installed and active.

If any questions come up during the process don't hesitate to email the performance team at:

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Performance Standards

NetSuite maintains performance standards for all sites built on the SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) platform. The metrics you see below are user experience time as measured by Dynatrace using Google Chrome on a desktop computer. User Experience time is the time is takes to load ALL assets on a page or step in full including the time it takes to execute all javascript. These numbers provide a guideline of how long each step should take to complete on a typical SCA website given where the platform is today assuming you are following the best practices outlined in this document.

To navigate through these 15 steps (if your particular website utilized all 15 steps) would take you 35.5 seconds to complete. To put this in perspective, our entire SuiteCommerce Advanced customers completed these exact steps on average in 34.0 seconds in the month of December 2016. While some sites are faster and some slower, this guide will help you build a faster website, and thereby improve your customer experience, conversion rates and ultimately your revenues.

Some of the steps below are simple best practices, and some can be more complex like optimizing SuiteScript or the SEO output. In either case, don’t underestimate their importance. The little things add up quickly when it comes to performance.

Bear in mind the NetSuite names it’s steps based on the action taken – not the page you are landing on. For example, Proceed to Checkout is the timing from when a user is viewing their cart, clicks the “proceed to checkout” button and the resulting page renders and executes in its entirety.

Performance Checklist downloadable files