SuiteCommerce provides a comprehensive set of tools you can use to manage products on your site. Clear product descriptions, high-quality product images, commerce categories (for sites with a large number of products), and complementary product reviews all contribute to the success of your site.

You can:

  • Configure items

  • Add product images

  • Set up commerce categories

  • Keep a list of product URL aliases used on your site

  • Manage product reviews

See the following topics for more information:

Item Configuration for Web Stores

Set up item records and inventory for your website and prepare items for search engine optimization (SEO).

Product Images

Add product image files to your site. Product images significantly enhance the effectiveness of your product details and other site pages.

Commerce Categories

Create a hierarchical structure of product categories, subcategories, and products to make it easy for your users to locate products in your web store.

URL Components

Manage URLs and alias. URL component aliases are useful when you update URL components that point to products on your site and you want to keep a list of the URL aliases that were used in the past.

Product Reviews

Configure and manage product reviews. With product reviews, users can submit reviews for items and review ratings submitted by other users.