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When shoppers visit your SuiteCommerce website, you want them to quickly find the items that they are looking for with minimum navigation. The Item Search service speeds up this process by returning search results for the search query provided by the shopper. SuiteCommerce offers all the tools you need to enhance the item search capabilities for your website. You can:

  • Configure your item search settings, which includes defining Search Fields, Facet Fields, Sort Fields, and Field Sets

  • Understand the Search Index, which ensures that the search requests are more targeted and search times are reduced

  • Use the Item Search API to retrieve data from the item records that have been indexed


The procedures in this topic assume that you have already set up Item Records for Web Stores. For more information, see Item Configuration for Web Stores.

Search Settings Overview

The factors that impact your search results are your product catalogue, your item search settings, and the search query provided by the shopper. Although you cannot control the search query that your shoppers provide, you can make an educated guess of what they might search for and configure the search settings accordingly.

Search Index Overview

When you configure and save your item search settings for the first time, the Search Index is built. The Search Index is defined by the fields that you configure in your search settings, and the indexing process prepares your item records for use with the Item Search API.

Item Search API

The Item Search API is an interface that helps you retrieve the indexed items. By specifying the input parameters with the Item Search API, you can retrieve a subset of indexed items in the JSON response. Web Developers can use this API to build facet filtering and keyword search on item data.

Search Synonyms

Search Synonyms enables shoppers to easily find the products they are looking for using the language that comes naturally to them.