Themes & Extensions

Themes and extensions are self-contained packages of files that extend your site in some way. You can install themes and extensions as bundled SuiteApps or as custom-built code deployed to your account by in-house site designers and developers.

  • Themes – A Theme is a special type of extension that only affects a domain’s design, look, and feel. Each theme presents a different style (colors, fonts, spacing, etc.) and layout for any domain linked to your SuiteCommerce site. When you activate a theme, you change what visitors see when they browse to your site.

  • Extensions – An extension introduces added functionality to your website. Extensions offer a wide variety of different features or functions that you can enable on your site. This might be a countdown clock, an Instagram image viewer, or a set of social media icons to name a few examples. When you activate an extension, NetSuite applies the new capabilities to your site without requiring any programming or site development knowledge.

Read the following topics for more information on setting up themes and extensions:

Install Theme and Extension SuiteApps

Before you can activate a published theme or extension (or to start customizing a theme), you must install the theme or extension into your NetSuite account as a bundled SuiteApp.

Activate Themes and Extensions

This topic explains how to activate a theme or extension for any domain linked to your NetSuite account using the Manage Extensions Wizard in NetSuite.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Extensions

This topic provides information on SuiteCommerce Extensions developed by NetSuite.