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Commerce Web Stores


Commerce web stores provide a fully functional application that you can use to implement your ecommerce solutions. Theme developers create HTML templates and Sass files as themes. The SuiteCommerce Base Theme is an excellent place to start building a theme and is available as a SuiteApp. Extension developers create extensions to introduce functionality to a site.

If you are developing a SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) site, you have access to the core SCA source code as well, although this comes with a different set of instructions and best practices you must follow.

This topic explains how to customize the following:

  • Themes

    Commerce themes contain any number of HTML templates, Sass files, and assets, such as images and fonts. These are organized into modules and act as a single package that can be later applied to any domain on a Commerce site. Read this section if you are a theme developer (SuiteCommerce or the Aconcagua release of SCA or later).

  • Extensions

    Extensions introduce added functionality to your website through any number of JavaScript, SuiteScript, configuration JSON, and other files. You use the extension developer tools to build a baseline extension and build from there. Extensions can also include HTML and Sass. Read this section if you are an extension developer (SuiteCommerce or the Aconcagua release of SCA or later).


    The Extensibility API is only available to extension developers. This means that you must be building extensions for SuiteCommerce or sites implementing the Aconcagua release of SCA or later to access this API.

  • Theme and Extension SuiteApps

    This section explains how to bundle themes and extensions as SuiteApps, making them available for distribution to NetSuite accounts.

  • Core SCA Source Code

    This section is for SuiteCommerce Advanced developers only. Read this section if you are customizing objects that are not accessible using the Extensibility API. This requires using the core SCA developer tools and customization procedures to extend SuiteCommerce Advanced Source code. You must also read this section if you are implementing the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or earlier.

SuiteCommerce Advanced Developers

As a SuiteCommerce Advanced developer, you have different options when customizing the application. The tools, practices, and procedures available all depend on your implementation.

Aconcagua Release of SCA and Later – If you are implementing the Aconcagua Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced have access to themes and extensions. You can alter a site’s appearance using Sass and HTML files deployed or bundled as themes. To introduce new functionality to a site through JavaScript and SuiteScript, you can use the Extensibility API to build extensions using the SuiteCommerce Extension Framework.

However, if you are developing JavaScript, SuiteScript, or configuration objects that are not accessible using the Extensibility API, you must use the core SCA developer tools and follow SCA module customization practices.

Kilimanjaro Release of SCA and Earlier – If you are customizing the Kilimanjaro Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or earlier, you must either migrate to the latest release of SCA or use the core SCA developer tools and follow specific procedures to customize SuiteCommerce Advanced modules. Themes and extensions are not available for these earlier releases of SCA.

For a list of components exposed using the Extensibility API, see Extensibility Component Classes.

For information on using the core SCA developer tools and customizing SCA modules, see Core SCA Source Code.