Commerce merchandising tools help you plan, track and analyze the products you sell, as well as stimulating interest and enticing customers to purchase them. You can:

  • Analyze merchandise sales by creating reports that organize your data into useful customized classifications

  • Better understand what your shoppers are buying and plan your merchandise accordingly

  • Offer various types of promotions and discounts to move merchandise and keep shoppers happy

Merchandise Hierarchy

Manage the planning, purchasing and tracking stages of your product lifecycle. Merchandise Hierarchy provides a useful tool that helps you analyze sales, purchase and inventory data that is rolled up by hierarchy categories.


Motivate your customers to purchase products in higher quantities by offering various types of promotions or discounts, including Item, Fixed Price Item, Order, Shipping, and Free Gift promotions. Promotions can help you to move out-of-date stock, increase sales, and reward valuable clients. With SuitePromotions, you can also combine promotions on the same transaction and automatically apply eligible promotions.