Configuring Serialized Items and Lot Numbered Items in SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


You can sell serial numbered and lot numbered items using SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), but first you must create them in NetSuite. This section includes links to setup and configuration information.

  1. To use serialized inventory, you must first enable the feature and then set up item records. Read instructions in the following topics:

    1. Enabling Serial Numbered Inventory 

    2. Entering Serialized Inventory Records

  2. To use lot numbered items, you must first enable the feature, and then create item records including the lot numbers:

    1. To enable the feature, go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features. On the Items & Inventory subtab, check the Lot Tracking box, and then click Save.


      SCIS does not support the Bin Management feature and Advanced Bin/Numbered Inventory Management feature.

    2. To create lot numbered item records, follow instructions described in the topic, Creating Lot Numbered Items.

  3. The SCIS Settings record includes a preference for searching transactions using serial and lot numbers. Administrators can set this preference, at Customization > Record types > SCIS Settings. On the Orders subtab, check the box next to Search transactions by Serial Number.


    This setting can make searches for transactions take longer. Only use this setting if you use serial or lot numbered items.

For more information about how sales associates can add serial numbered items and lot numbered items to orders in SCIS, read Adding a Serialized or Lot Numbered Item to an SCIS Order.