Secure Shopping Domain (pre-Denali)

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SuiteCommerce Advanced | pre-Denali


This section applies to pre-Denali releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced.

A secure shopping domain creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your customer’s web browser. You can use an SSL certificate to secure the shopping portion of your web store under an HTTPS domain. HTTPS is currently the industry standard for ecommerce services and consumers prefer seeing the secure icon in their browser address bar.

Including secure technology in your shopping area assures your customers that their activities on your site are safe. In addition, search engines tend to rank secure sites higher than non-secure sites.

There are two new SuiteCommerce API methods that help make HTTPS support possible. These methods distinguish between the checkout, shopping, and single domains.

  • isCheckoutSupported(): returns true if we are in the checkout domain or in a single domain

  • isShoppingSupported(): returns true if we are in the shopping domain or in a single domain

!~request.getURL().indexOf('https') is the legacy domain check and it will no longer work to distinguish between the domains.

The session.isLoggedIn() method is the legacy session check for a user’s logged in status. This method has been replaced with the new session.isLoggedIn2() method in later versions of SuiteCommerce Advanced. The new session check method is required in this migration to help maintain the identity of the user.

To leverage a secure shopping domain in a pre-Denali version of SuiteCommerce Advanced, you need to:

  • Replace all instances of the legacy domain check with the new domain check methods.

  • Replace all instances of the legacy session check with the new session check method.