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This section details how to make items which are already created available to site visitors for viewing and purchase on your web store. If your item is not yet created, see the help topic Creating Item Records. To make your item available for display on your web store, you must complete the following tasks in the item record:

To make your item available for display on your web store:

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Items.

  2. Use the Sales/Pricing subtab to enter a price for the item.

  3. On the Web Store subtab under Web Store Display, check the Display in Web Store box.

  4. In the Page Title field, enter the text you want to appear as the page’s title for that item. This text appears in the browser tab. Use a descriptive title for the item page, this can help achieve better results with search engine ranking.

  5. In the Web Store Display Name field, enter the name to show in the Website for this item.

  6. In the Web Store Description field, enter a brief description of this item.

  7. In the Detailed Description field, enter the details about the item to display when a site visitor views the item.

    The description fields can have letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. You can also enter basic HTML codes like lists, bold characters, and underlines. You can enter 999 characters in the Store Description field and 1,300 in the Detailed Description field.

  8. In the Featured Description field, if this is displayed on the home page of your Website, enter a featured description for this item.

    This description appears below the item’s store display name on the Home page of your store or site. You can enter up to 999 characters including basic HTML code. Enter and format text using the formatting options, or click the HTML Source Code link to enter HTML.

  9. Attach and display images with the items in the web store. See Item Images.

  10. Enable Commerce Categories as required. See Commerce Categories.

  11. Click Save.

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