SCIS Ship from Store, Pickup In-Store Overview

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Advanced Order Management is required to set up order fulfillment capabilities for SCIS. Contact your NetSuite account representative for more information.

With SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), merchants who have SCA websites can enable customers to order online, and then have orders shipped from store locations or picked up in-store. This topic includes general overview information about the ship from store, pickup in-store capabilities.

To enable shipping and pickup from your store, you must configure your fulfillment process in NetSuite. Also, ensure that you have enabled the features required to perform your workflow. For more information, read Setting Up Ship from Store, Pickup In-Store for SCIS.

SCIS supports the following order management features:

  • Fulfillment Request

  • Pick, Pack, and Ship

  • Automatic Location Assignment Rules

  • Store Pickup

Sales associates click or touch the shopping bag icon in the SCIS header bar to view the Fulfillment Request page. Here, the sales associate sees a list of all orders in queue for shipping and pickup.

Sales associates can use filters at the top of the page to filter orders by type or status. For example, sales associates can filter the list to view only orders for shipping. Alternately, they can filter the list to show orders for pick up, or all orders. The information that is displayed on this page, is output from a saved search. For more information, read Ship from Store, Pickup In-Store Workflow.