Secure Shopping Domains (Elbrus, Vinson, Mont Blanc, and Denali)

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With the Elbrus release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, a single secure (HTTPS) domain for the checkout and shopping applications is supported. In order to provide this capability to prior releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced, you need to update your implementation by applying the patches provided here. For Elbrus implementations, you also need to apply the provided patch to fix a ERR_WS_REQUIRE_CUSTOMER_LOGIN error returned from the setPurchaseNumber method.

To update SuiteCommerce Advanced to use SSL correctly:

  1. Create a backup of your existing bundle.

  2. Download the patch according to your implementation:

  3. Apply the patch. Details of what the patch is accomplishing are provided below.


    The original patches provided for Vinson, Mont Blanc, and Denali have been updated. If you have previously applied a patch for SSL, only the diff between the previous patch and the current one should be applied.

  4. Switch the existing non-secure shopping domain to a secure shopping domain or set up a new secure shopping domain from scratch as described under Set Up a Domain.

For each implementation patch, instead of using url.indexOf(‘https’) to check the domain, multiple methods have been combined and centralized in the Utils.js file. The following properties are used to determine which domain is in use:

Utils Property

Domain In Use


Shopping domain


Checkout domain


Single domain




checkout.ssp or myaccount.ssp

For the Denali implementation patch, NetSuite also maintains access control by replacing session.isLoggedIn with session.IsLoggedIn2. In addition, the Denali patch takes advantage of the Serversync touchpoint patch to maintain the identity of the user and cart contents.

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